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10 Gifts Under $100 For The MX-5 Miata Owner (Lover)

You own a Miata or your beloved owns one and you are not sure what to ask or give for Christmas? We have a list of cool items that will please any Roadster fanatic and won’t break the bank (all under $100)!

All the gift shown in the list below are not in particular order and after the listing, we show the application. Applications are as follows:

NA : MX-5 Miata (1989-1997)

NB : MX-5 Miata (1998-2005)

NC : MX-5 Miata (2006-2015)

ND : MX-5 Miata (2016+)


And here are the top 10 gifts under $100 we offer at REV9 Autosport!


      1. Mazda Roadster Emblem

        This is the Japanese (imported) emblem. Any connoisseur will love to change his Miata or MX-5 emblem for a nice JDM “Roadster” emblem.
        Applications : NA, NB, NC & ND

      2. S2-Racing Serial Plate

        This is an awesome gift to offer. It’s a nice plate from famous tuner S2 Racing that is funny with “Engrish” language on it. It’s a fun gift to offer and looks pretty cool when stuck on the car’s dashboard.
        Applications : NA, NB, NC & ND

      3. Bow’s Roadster Days 2016 Calendar

        This is a beautiful calendar made by famous artist Bow’s from Japan. It contains pictures of all 4 generations Miatas and is very nice to look at. It’s a very popular choice during holidays and it’s collectible.
        Application : NA, NB, NC & ND

      4. Ken Auto Door Cup (Bushing)

        This is a very popular item amongst tuners this year. It’s popular especially for NA & NB applications, but will also work with NC & ND. It helps bring more rigidity to the chassis of the vehicle and makes the vehicle feel like a new one.
        Application : NA, NB, NC & ND

      5. Ken Auto Anti-Slip Fender Cover

        This is the perfect gift for any owner that does some DIY (do-it-yourself) work. It’ll help keep the paint clean and avoid scratching the vehicle while working in the engine bay. It has a beautiful “Roadster” logo which reminds that it comes from Japan.
        Applications : NA, NB, NC & ND

      6. ARC Radiator Cap

        This is a very rare re-run of a discontinued radiator cap. It’s a “fancy” item that not many actually afford. It’s gives a beautiful unique touch to the engine bay.
        Applications : NA, NB, NC & ND

      7. JoyFast Shift Knob

        This is the most loved shift knob on the Miata market. It has a perfect shape and is heavy weight, it’s a must-have for anyone who enjoy driving his vehicle and want a little exotic item in the interior of his/her car.
        Applications : NA, NB, NC & ND

      8. Club-NA Nose Badge

        Beautiful badge that replaces the OEM “Mazda” emblem. It’s based on the special edition V-Special from 1991 and will bring a nice retro look to the exterior of the car.
        Applications : NA

      9. Pole Position Key Blank

        This is an item that everyone will love to have. It’s such a small part, but makes a lot of difference when you feel it. Not many people think of changing their car key and it’s a great way to be original.
        Applications : NA & NB

      10. TUCKIN99 Shorty Antenna

        This one is for NC & ND owners. The cars came with long and ugly antennas. The TUCKIN99 Short Antenna gives a more sporty look for the vehicle and makes it look much cleaner.
        Applications : NC & ND


If you are not sure what to offer, there’s always the easy choice of offering our beautiful REV9 Autosport Gift Cards! They are sent electronically, so no need to worry about receiving them on time.

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