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TRUST (Rocket Bunny) ND MX-5 Demo Car at TAS2016

TRUST is a legendary shop that has been tuning many Japanese vehicles for a while. Since recent years, they are associated with TRA Kyoto (Rocket Bunny maker) and we all expected them to release a ND Demo Car. They did great, it is pretty sick looking and WIDE.


They were showing off their beautiful ND Wide Body Kit that is made by TRA Kyoto especially for the ND Roadster. It reuses many of the vehicle’s already aggressive panels, so only Fender Flares & Lips have been added. rocketbunny_nd_2 rocketbunny_nd_3 rocketbunny_nd_4

As you can see, the car is running SUPER wide Rays TE37v 17" Wheels to obtain a real nice drift look! rocketbunny_nd_5 rocketbunny_nd_6

The car is also running a super tall and wide ND GT Wing that sure has its benefits when driving at high speed on the track! rocketbunny_nd_7

We don’t have much details on this build, but we know that there is a ND Turbo Kit under the hood and many custom modifications on it.

(If you look closely in below pictures, they replaced the Windshield Frame & Roll Bar Covers with semi-transparent ones that light in bright blue, pretty cool!). rocketbunny_nd_8 rocketbunny_nd_9

Hope you enjoyed this little showcase of the TRUST/Greddy/TRA Kyoto ND Shop Car at Tokyo Auto Salon! If you are interested in any of the parts shown, please don’t hesitate to contact us at info@rev9autosport.com !