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Comparing ACRE Brake Pads for MX-5s

ACRE Brake Pads are used by many Japanese tuners and have a great reputation in Japan. Here's a side-by-side of ACRE Brake Pads for all generations Miatas. Here are some explanations about the following graphics :

Initial bite : this is when you press the brake, is it aggressive (high) or relaxed (low).

Fade : this is the "endurance" of the brake pad when racing, great (high) or low endurance (low).

Wear : this is the durability of the brake pad, short (high) or long (low).

Control : this is the level of modulation you can do with the brake pad, a lot (high) or not much (low).

Disk life : this is how the brake pad will affect your disk life, not a lot (low) or a lot (high).

Dust : this is the level of brake dust that the brakes will produce, not a lot (low) or a lot (high).

As mentioned in the graphics, all of the bars are in comparison to stock brake pads (set at level 5).

There is also additional information such as Proper Rotor Temperature (so they are optimal), Coefficient of friction, Material & Stage (where they should be used).

Let's compare all brake pads! The order below starts with their most racing to their most street brake pad.

ACRE Racing Pro Brake Pads:

Racing use brake pads from Acre Brakes. This pad is designed specifically for competition use only. Acre recommends this pad for short endurance events or track days.

ACRE N-Zero Brake Pads:
Circuit use brake pad by Acre Brakes of Japan. Acre designed this pad specifically for N-Zero one-make races that are gaining popularity in Japan.

ACRE Formula 800C Brake Pads:
This pad is designed to retain a high braking force through a wide temperature range and also not be terribly harsh on rotors.

ACRE Formula 700C Brake Pads:
This pad is appropriately named 700C, for its ability to thrive at rotor temperatures around 700 degrees celsius. This pad is a circuit use pad that will also work on the street. 

ACRE Dustless Brake Pads:
Acre’s customers asked for a pad that offered potent stopping power, but with little to no dust and no squeal. This pad is their answer to that request!

ACRE Light Sports Brake Pads:
This pad is designed to offer the driver a high degree of control over the vehicle in all weather and road conditions, a great all around brake pad.

ACRE Super Fighter Brake Pads:
This brake pad was designed with the street user in mind. The super fighter is usable from the get go, without a warm up needed.

If you have any more question about the brake pads or need them for another application than the Mazda Miata, please don't hesitate to contact us at info@rev9autosport.com!