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The new wheels from Tokyo Auto Salon 2017

This is my first post for our coverage of Tokyo Auto Salon 2017. You can check our other blog posts about TAS2016 that we attended last year, too.


This post will not be about Roadster-specific cars, but mostly about the new wheels that we saw from major manufacturers that can fit on Roadsters and that is new or available soon!


Let’s start with RAYS Wheels!

They came up with some nice new wheels for 2017!

Rays TE37 Sonic 16”

These are RAYS latest deign in term of light weight, concave and bold look. Pictured in gunmetal, this is the ultimate racing wheel that will fit the NA, NB & ND Roadsters.

Rays TE37VBA

Available in 15” and 17”, this wheel will be a great choice for the racers. I’m still waiting on details, but it seems to be a competition version of the regular TE37V that is anodized instead of being painted.


Rays CE28N Club Racer Scholarship

Available only in 15” & 16”, this wheel is aimed for those who get into racing. Being super light weight, it’s probably one of the greatest wheel you can get, but you also are only limited to one color and a few sizes.



Advan Wheels

Advan RZ-II

This is the new version of the classic Advan RZ. Released since a while, what is new for 2017 is the sizes. It’s now offered in 15” and 16” size, perfect for NA & NB Roadsters.


Advan RG-D2

This wheel also was released a little while ago, but now it’s offered in nice 15”, 16” and even 17” (maybe in ND fitment). It’s a beautiful 6-spoke wheel that combine concave and slight lip.

Enkei Wheels

Enkei AllFifteen

This is not for everyone, but it’s one very old school design and available in 4x100, so maybe this could suit some NA Roadsters.

Enkei RC-T5

This is available in 5 holes, so this could be a nice fitment for the NC Roadsters looking for a more Euro-look.

Enkei PFM1

This is probably going to be a very popular wheel for the ND Roadster. Available in 4x100 and 5x114.3, it’s another racing and lightweight design by Enkei.


326POWER Yabaking Wheels

I’m not getting into all details of these wheels, but they are available in TONS of configuration and can be done in 16” or 17” in pretty much any width. Three models are available : 5-Spoke, 6-Spoke & Yabaking Mesh. Perfect for those looking at filling extra space from fender flares.


Work Wheels

Work Emotion MBR

This is the newest design from Work Wheels. It’s a very nice mesh look that’s available in multiple sizes and finish and allows concavity!

Work Equip 40

This is the 40th anniversary wheel of Work Wheels. Bringing back the old school look, I’m sure this will be an instant classic for the NA and NB Roadsters!

If you are interested in any of these, please don't hesitate to send us an email for pricing and availability. We hope you enjoyed our first part of the Tokyo Auto Salon 2017 coverage! We’ll be back with more in the next couple of days! Subscribe to our newsletter for update on new car parts for your car!