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Visit at Rallybacker (Featuring ND MX-5 Widebody)

During my last trip in Japan, I received a call from Rallybacker, as they knew I was about to visit Hiroshima, where their shop is. They kept the call short, but said that they wanted to show me some new products. As I visited them just a few months ago, I told them that if they didn’t have anything for Mazda Roadster, I would probably skip this meeting due to a very tight schedule. They just answered that they had awesome new products for the ND Miata, so I got pretty excited about it!

The owner picked me up at the train station and brought me to his shop. With the usual communication problem, we kept it simple. Talked about how warm it was and how sales were going. Just to put you in perspective, Rallybacker has released this kit for the Toyota 86 and it’s pretty amazing looking :


If you never seen what a ‘’FRP Shop’’ looks like, this is where the magic happens :


For those who don’t know, Rallybacker is a custom shop that does a lot of VIP and professional drift cars. The owner has a lot of experience and has been doing this job for about 30 years! They also released parts for the NC in the past, which you can order here. When you arrive at the shop, you can see they mean business:

dsc_0680 dsc_0681

Here’s an example of a very neat Mazda Atenza (6) on Work VS-XX.


After contemplating the customer’s vehicles, I went straight to the Roadster. I was pretty happy to see a wide body car!


You can see that this car will look awesome (actually, since I post this a while after I took the pictures, the final pictures will be shown at the end of this post). The ND Tall Ducktail Spoiler follows the lines of the car!

dsc_0664 dsc_0670dsc_0646 dsc_0647

Why is there an emphasis on the ‘’Tall’’? Because Rallybacker told me that they will release 2 kits for the vehicle. One will be for widebody car (as pictured) and one will be for stock bodied ND: smaller side steps, rear diffuser and a similarly shaped, but smaller ducktail spoiler!

Rallybacker tried to follow the aggressive lines of the ND and impose their design as well, which resulted of a pretty cool concept :

dsc_0642 dsc_0643 dsc_0644 dsc_0665 dsc_0666

The kit should provide an extra 30mm in the front and 50mm wheel clearance in the back.

The ND Rear Diffuser on this car is especially cool. It’s made of 3 pieces which makes it adjustable (on how wide it is) and it’s also pretty rad looking:

dsc_0641 dsc_0649 dsc_0653 dsc_0664

Rallybacker promised us that the pricing of the whole kit is going to stay within their standards which should be MUCH less than the Aimgain Fender Flares or TRA Kyoto Widebody Kit. They also innovate a lot, making the kit much cheaper to ship than their competitors.

As I mentioned earlier, finished car pictures is now available, so here you are:

15219637_1228036090606072_7294555437430481987_n 15220039_1228036053939409_1676894699977972420_n 15241941_1228036163939398_1657564889010616319_n 15284175_1228036070606074_7671048421855479969_n15193674_1228036160606065_7969037857255937212_n 15203383_1228036153939399_5674684123589278362_n 15284938_1228036087272739_5727152603328701023_n 15319185_1228036083939406_4234095934003580464_n 15337498_1228036073939407_2112363393702125989_n

You can see in the pictures their ND Fender Flares Kit, ND Tall Ducktail Spoiler, ND Rear Diffuser, ND Side Steps & ND Front Diffusers.

I hope you enjoyed our blog post on the Rallybacker ND Widebody Kit! It’s supposed to be on sale within a few days or weeks, so please don’t hesitate to contact us if you’d like to preorder the kit or separate components!