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Nakamae Wait Times

Nakamae has been the leader in extremely high-quality leather products one can buy for the Mazda MX-5 Miata. We have been the official distributor for their products outside of Japan for 10 years!

For those who don't know, Nakamae is a single-man operated business. He takes pride in offering his craftmanship at a very fair price. He always prefers to take his time and do a perfect stitch rather than rush a product that won't satisfy his perfectionism.

The carefully chosen leather/synthetic leather, perfect fit, beautiful stitching and matching colors to factory specs is what makes it a perfect choice for anyone that wants a perfect build.

Often copied, but never duplicated, we're proud to offer these ORIGINAL products designed & hand built by the legendary Nakamae-san.

For the past few years, Nakamae-san has had small health issues (he's over 70 years old) and decided to reduce his work load. Unfortunately, his queue remains high as the work he does is just so perfect and beautiful.

Nakamae’s current production lead time is approximately 3-4 months. This is not a delay for bulk orders, it's literally the queue to get a new custom product from Nakamae. This lead time is not a guarantee (it could be shorter, it could be longer), but please estimate around this time frame for all new orders of Nakamae products.

If you order other parts along with Nakamae products, we can ship the other product earlier (depending on the situation & by request), but by default, we'll do 1 shipment.

We appreciate the time you took to read this announcement and hope you'll consider Nakamae products as a choice for your high quality build.