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Garage Vary ND Miata Demo Car at TAS2016

Garage Vary did a comeback at Tokyo Auto Salon for 2016 and really hasn’t got unnoticed. Many said it was the best ND MX-5 shown in the whole show.


They introduced us to their new ND Glide Front Lip with integrated Canards (shown in Carbon Fiber & FRP here):


They told us that there was a big difference in term of downforce when running this specific front lip!

They also released their new ND Aero Hood with a nice middle heat extracting ventilation. Not only it saves weight, but it’s functional and looks AWESOME!



Another product they added to their lineup is the ND Front Wide Fender. Unfortunately, they couldn’t tell us exactly how many millimetres it adds in term of clearance, we can all agree that it looks superb by itself.



It also has a really wide vent for increased aerodynamics on the vehicle. It follows the lines of the vehicle very nicely and keep the side turn signal at its OEM place.
The rear of the car has not been left stock either. They added a very wide (and wild) ND Rear Diffuser that allows running a dual exhaust setup (or OEM exhaust) and also improves down force. It is combined to their new original ND Rear Bumper.



They also brought their prototype ND Low Spoiler which is still undecided to be released. They told us that they just made it for the show and that its benefits are still to be proven during racing!




Hope you enjoyed this little showcase of the Garage Vary ND Shop Car at Tokyo Auto Salon! If you are interested in any of the parts shown, please don’t hesitate to contact us at info@rev9autosport.com !