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Delays on Jet Stream Orders

Hey everyone, we know many of you ordered some Jet Stream products in the past few months from us. As usual, if there is longer-than-usual wait time, we inform customers about it. Most customers got their products shipped on time, but 2 recent (exceptional) events may have slowed down the process on a few orders.

We contacted many of you earlier this month to inform you of delays on your order. Unfortunately, all orders who didn’t ship yet will be delayed an additional 10 days on top of our first estimate due to second incident that happened.



Event 1 : Owner’s car accident

On November 21st, Jet Stream owner got involved in a bad car crash. He had to get some screws in his spine, stitching and needs to stop working for 3 months. He is helping with work schedule, but cannot work on the products by himself to speed up the process.


Event 2 : Son is hospitalized

On December 20th, heavy stress and being overworked led the son’s owner to get bronchial virus and needs to be hospitalized and have an operation. Now the production is stopped for 10 days so he can recover fully.


What you need to know

Jet Stream is a very small family owned company. They are only 2 employees (owner and son) and sometimes have helpers for small tasks. They keep the company small to ensure providing with the best quality parts with fitment up to par with the best manufacturers in the industry. They really take pride in their work and would not want to compromise quality by hiring unskilled workers. We hope you understand that these items are limited and high quality and that they want to ensure that even though production is slowed down, every customer will get a perfect fitting product.


We really would like to apologize for this although it’s exceptional, out-of-our-control events. We hope it won’t affect your builds and we look forward sending you the awesome products made by Jet Stream.