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REV9 Autosport ND Demo Car Project Debut

If you haven’t noticed lately, we’ve been adding a lot of ND parts to our web shop. We’re pretty much the #1 source of ND parts worldwide at the moment. Since the launch of the vehicle, we knew it would be our next shop (demo) car. In May, I went to Japan to be one of the first to test the production model (it was 1.5L) for a road test and I was so amazed that once I came back to America, I placed an order at my local Mazda dealership, without even knowing the price of the car. That’s how much I liked it.

I first ordered a 2016 Black ND Base Model (GX) with manual transmission. Then, I felt like I needed some change (from always having Black Shop Cars) and ordered a 2016 Ceramic Metallic Base Model (GX). Long story short, I was supposed to receive it in late July/early August, but it delayed A LOT. During the wait, I changed for a 2016 Ceramic Metallic ND Sport Model (GS) because I wanted to have the navigation, black leather with red stitching accents, leather steering wheel and, most importantly, the LSD. It also came with a Bilstein Suspension and Front Strut Bar, but those will be upgraded anyways. So, here is the car the day I’ve got it.

It was one of the happiest day of my life… my very first brand new car:   REV9 Autosport ND Shop Car(Sorry for the dark picture, but my car was delivered at 7:00 PM)

Now here are some pictures at day light. I absolutely don’t regret going with Ceramic Metallic, it’s such a beautiful and unique color. Everyone tells me how great it looks during the day as well as night or when it’s raining… color always is changing depending on lighting.

Front view: ND Miata Shop Car Front nd_003 nd_004(So aggressive, the black housing looks just great on a white colored paint)

Side view: nd_005 nd_006(If you compare the 2 last pictures, you can clearly see a difference in colors because of different lighting)

Rear View: nd_007 nd_008 nd_009(Mazda really cleaned up the lines, but as of now, I think the rear of the car does not match the “aggressiveness” of the front end)

Interior: nd_010 nd_013 nd_011 nd_014 nd_012(As you can see, the whole interior is very clean, console is minimalistic and everything is super easy to reach. They did an awesome job with the red stitching accents and leather wrapped “crash pad”.)

Engine Bay:
(Pretty neat and not that cluttered, actually.)

Since I bought a non-base model (GS), I’ll show what was included with it: nd_015(17” Gunmetal Wheels & Black Side Mirrors) nd_016(Touchscreen Infotainment, Leather Wrapped Steering Wheel & Red Stitching Accents) nd_017(Red Stitching on the fabric seats) nd_018(Bilstein Suspension & Sport Springs) nd_020(Mazda Noise Enhancer (pipe coming from the intake) & OEM Front Strut Bar)

This shows pretty much what is the base of my project. I think it’s worth getting the GS over GX model simply because of all the leather accents, infotainment & LSD. The upgrades might just bring the cost to the same and you’d still be missing leather accents.

The Project REV9 Clubman
As with many folks, I don’t live anywhere nearby a race track. I don’t plan on building this car for the track, but mainly as a better version of what Mazda created. I am aiming for ~200 hp at the engine and lighter overall car than OEM. The project is to build a nice gentleman (classy) Roadster with many details that will make it better than the factory edition.

Car would still be able to do track days and perform, but that’s not the main purpose. It’s my pride and I want the best possible look without compromising quality over quantity.

Definition of Clubman : “One definition of "Clubman" is that of an amateur enthusiast, someone willing to partake in his sport without necessarily being a winner or serious contender, for the love of the sport. The founder of the Olympic Games, Baron Pierre de Coubertin said: "The most important thing in the Olympic Games is not winning but taking part: the essential thing in life is not conquering but fighting well." (Ref;

I want to build a car that my customers, friends and fans will recognize not as the fastest “form over function” winning car, but a car that will try, through selection of beautiful and functional items, to be an overall better car that still can compete against more “serious” racers.

Build Wishlist
Wheels : 17x8 +35 Ultra Lightweight & Forged
Brakes : 4pot Front Big Brake Kit
Suspension : Coilovers with tons of adjustability for street and track
Aerodynamics : Front lip, side skirts, rear diffuser, duck tail spoiler & hardtop
Engine : REV9 ECU tune, ram air intake, header & exhaust
Interior : leather seats, upgraded steering wheel, weighted shift knob, checkered floor mats & metal accents
Chassis : sway bars, front + rear strut bar & some more chassis bracing
(Some items might appear or disappear, but it gives you an idea of what I am aiming for.)