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R-Magic Heavyweight Shift Knob Review

I've been using the Nardi Evolution Shift Knob for 6 months and decided I needed some change. R-Magic came to me with their Heavyweight Shift Knob. I never used weighted shift knobs and wanted to give it a try.


I also never used a metal shift knob. Let's say that it's less comfortable than leather (you feel the heat or cold), but it looks so great and once the temperature of it changes to the one of your body, it's awesome.


The shift knob is a great addition to the NB interior and feels just right. Height and size is perfect for me.


The shift knob cap that comes with it makes the whole thing look very high quality with a brushed aluminum look with the shift pattern of either 5MT (pictured) or 6MT.


It's a really classy looking item that suits into the car, evenif there are no other silver accessories.


One subtle and very inexpensive addition that makes me want to see it every time I enter my vehicle.