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Instructions : Installing Steering Wheel in a 2016+ ND MX-5

Installation time : around 30 minutes by a Mazda dealer or ~1 hour by a regular person
Installation difficulty : easy
Special tools needed : steering wheel puller tool (recommended)

The fourth generation Roadster comes with a steering wheel that many don't like due to a very easy to scratch leather and not-so-thick grip. Many Japanese companies such as Autoexe, KenStyle and DAMD have released some awesome aftermarket options that will suit the needs of any enthusiast.

We came up with these step-by-step installation instructions that are specific to changing the steering wheel of a ND MX-5 Miata (2016+) for an aftermarket one (these instructions show the beautiful KenStyle Steering Wheel).

First of all, disconnect the battery NEGATIVE lead and then press the brake until no light comes from the rear lights (means there is no power in the vehicle anymore).

Before starting steering wheel removal, remove the SRS Airbag and Horn fuse:

Check in the three service holes in order to locate and remove the airbag lock. The lock should be approx.1 to 2 cm inside the hole:

After undoing the airbag lock, be careful as the airbag will jettison slightly off the wheel:

After pulling the airbag back, undo the switch and then remove the connectors for the horn and airbag:

Remove the steering wheel, it is held in place with a 21mm nut. It's hard to remove without the use of a steering wheel removal tool (puller):

Transplant the audio controls, cruise control (not shown in this picture), plastic pieces and airbag brackets and harnesses as necessary from the OEM to the aftermarket wheel:
(KenStyle Steering Wheel shown on the right)

Complete by following steps 6 through 2 in reverse:

Enjoy your beautiful aftermarket steering wheel on your 2016+ ND MX-5!