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Black Chrome Emblems for the 2016+ ND Miata

Another quick post about some small details that makes my 2016 ND Demo Car (The Project REV9 Clubman) a more unique build. I’ve wanted to change my “MX-5” emblem for a “Roadster” emblem, but also add a nice classy touch to my exterior, so I’ve got myself the REV9 Black Chrome Emblems.

Here are some before shots:

embem-2 emblem-1 emblem-3

The OEM emblems all have pins that leave holes in the bumper if you remove them. You gotta take your time with a heatgun when removing OEM emblems. You end up with some holes in your bumper and lot of glue to remove. Total installation time was less than 1 hour.


Also, when removing the emblems, we broke most of the OEM pins. They are very fragile. That’s why the Black Chrome Emblems are nice to have since they are brand new and re-use OEM pins (REV9 on the left, OEM with broken pins on the right).


As you can see, the finish of the black chrome is very subtle (left), but has a nice deep and elegant tone:


Once cleaned, I recommend fixing scratches that the emblems might have caused during removal using a touch-up paint.

Then, you just need to remove the self-adhesive behind the REV9 Black Chrome Emblems and install them using the existing holes left on your bumper. They all match up, so it’s super easy to install. Here is the final result:

emblem-5 emblem-6 emblem-7

Pretty glad I did the change, it’s very subtle but real nice touch to the look of the car.


You can follow our build on this blog using this link.