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  1. Zoom Ventilation Cup Holder For Miata MX5 MX-5 89-09 JDM Roadster : REV9 Autosport

    Zoom Ventilation Cup Holder

    Drive your Miata MX5 in style with a modern and futuristic vent cup holder from Zoom Engineering. Attach them easily to your vent slat and fins and keep your favorite drink cold and steady while driving. They come in handy especially for cars with no built-in cup holders. Stylish, subtle and easily removable, these cup holders come in 6 colors to match your car interior and personality. Only available for Miata models from all years. Learn More

  2. Silkblaze Front Bumper Duct Cover

    Silkblaze Front Bumper Duct Cover

    Stylish duct cover for the ND (2016+) MX-5 Miata made by SIlkblaze. This part installs in the cubby in the front bumper where the LED lights are. Silkblaze offers this component in FRP or genuine wet carbon fiber. Silkblaze also offers a painting service for a quick and easy install. Alternatively, it can be shipped unpainted with a black gel coat. Learn More

  3. Garage Vary Hardtop Rain Rails For Miata MX5 MX-5 89-05 JDM Roadster : REV9 Autosport

    Garage Vary Hardtop Rain Rails

    Product from JAPAN made by GARAGE VARY. Subtle and stylish touch to the exterior. Makes the hardtop more functional when it rains or after a shower. Before painting, please make sure the product fits the car properly. Learn More

  4. KG Works Ventilation Balls For Miata MX5 MX-5 89-97 JDM Roadster : REV9 Autosport

    KG Works Ventilation Balls

    Regular Price: $99.99

    Special Price $79.99

    Product from Japan made by K.G. Works. Learn More

  5. REV9 1002 Pedals For Miata MX5 MX-5 89+ JDM Roadster : REV9 Autosport

    REV9 OE-Style 1002 Pedals

    Product from Japan made of high quality aluminum. Made by Zeromotive. Learn More

  6. Ken Auto Door Bushings (Cups)

    Ken Auto Door Bushings (Cups)

    Original door bushing (dove tail/cups) designed by KenAuto in Japan. This is the thickest possible size and most effective door bushing on the market used by thousands on Japanese Roadsters in the circuit. This piece is a replacement for the stock part that the door sits on when closed. By replacing the brittle stock unit, you’ll notice more steering response and less suspension wiggle. This piece will do a great job of stiffening up your Miata. Installs in minutes and creates a noticeable difference in drivability. Some of the JDM shops such as Joyfast & TUCKIN99 had very high praise for the part and use them on all their race cars now! Learn More

  7. Jet Stream Gas & Trunk Release Cover For Miata MX5 MX-5 89-97 JDM Roadster : REV9 Autosport

    Jet Stream Gas & Trunk Release Cover

    Product made by Jet Stream. Is your center armrest console useless to you? This Jet Stream product will be perfect for you. Learn More

  8. Beatrush Rear Strut Bar For Miata MX5 MX-5 ALL YEARS JDM Roadster : REV9 Autosport

    Beatrush Rear Strut Bar

    If you want a smooth and steady ride, the Beatrush rear strut bar ensures better overall handling particularly when cornering. The bar brings the strut towers together and secures the shocks, preventing them from moving independently. By enhancing chassis rigidity and preventing warping, it assures smoother suspension movement when you drive. Available for all Miata models from all years. Learn More

  9. REV9 ND Gloss Black Badges

    REV9 ND Gloss Black Badges

    Set of four emblems (Front Mazda Badge, Rear Mazda Badge, Roadster (or MX-5) Emblem & Skyactiv Sign) that have a glossy black finish with a special looking 2-tone Skyactiv badge. This is a very subtle change that will reduce the amount of chrome on the exterior of your car. Learn More

  10. Project-G G-String Bikini Top For Miata MX5 MX-5 89-05 JDM Roadster : REV9 Autosport

    Project-G G-String Bikini Top

    Product made by Project-G. YOU CAN GO TOP DOWN IN SECONDS AND THROW YOUR G-STRING IN THE TRUNK! **Please keep in mind, this is in many ways, a universal fit Bikini Top. Only the length will be custom fit to your particular vehicle. Differences in roll bar brand, style, height, installation, placement, diameter, etc. can impact the fitment of this particular piece. Bikini Bar is not available anymore. This will only fit vehicles equipped with a roll bar.

    Project-G Products ship from our USA warehouse. We recommend placing a separate order only for Project-G items as there are no shipping savings to combine these with other parts from our store.

    2022 UPDATE : Due to supply chain issue at Project-G during pandemic, we decided to stop selling their products as the production lead time became too unpredictable. We are sorry for the inconvenience. Learn More

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