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  1. Autoexe Kijima-Spec Coilovers

    Autoexe Kijima-Spec Coilovers

    Regular Price: $1,749.99

    Special Price $1,549.99

    Height adjustable street suspension kit made by Autoexe for the NC MX-5 Miata (2006-2015). Designed to be both comfortable at low speeds around town and at the limit during spirited driving, this kit utilizes twin tube dampers to give a sporty but comfortable ride. Learn More

  2. Cusco Street Zero Coilovers

    Cusco Street Zero Coilovers

    Coilover suspension system made by Cusco of Japan for the 2006-2015 NC Miata. This kit is designed as more of an entry level kit, featuring a fixed damper strength with adjustable height. A kit such as this is great for those who daily drive their car, want a perfect ride height and don’t plan on racing too much. Please note that even though the picture (generic) shows upper mounts, this suspension reuses OEM upper mounts and the Cusco Blue upper mounts are not included. Learn More

  3. Cusco Street Zero-A Coilovers

    Cusco Street Zero-A Coilovers

    Height adjustable suspension kit made by Cusco in Japan for the NC (2006 to 2015) MX-5 Miata. It has 40 possible adjustment from damping and can be lowered -87mm in front and -52mm in the rear. It comes with front and rear reinforced rubber upper mounts. Regular spring rate is 6kgf/mm front (7kgf/mm available) and 4kgf/mm rear (5 & 6kgf/mm available) but can be changed for free. Optional E-CON2 controller (damping force) available. Learn More

  4. Tein Flex Z Adjustable Suspension

    Tein Flex Z Adjustable Suspension

    Regular Price: $899.99

    Special Price $849.99

    The Tein Flex Z is a coilover suspension for those who want to have a perfect ride height (without any sacrifice on ride quality) on their NC MX-5 and also be able to adjust damping. It’s a high quality part made in Japan with high quality standards. It has a twin-tube structure (for low resiliency and securing sufficient stroke) and the kit is complete with top mounts. It’s also possible to replace the shock only when it’s worn out. SHIPS STRAIGHT FROM JAPAN, MINIMAL WAIT TIME Learn More

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