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Suspension & Chassis

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  1. Integral Kobe Differential Mounts

    Integral Kobe Differential Mounts

    Master Spec differential mount made by Integral Kobe of Japan for the NC (2006-2015) MX-5 Miata. Those are made to reduce the movements from the rear differential, improve response during shifting up and traction performance. Learn More

  2. Ken Auto Door Bushings (Cups)

    Ken Auto Door Bushings (Cups)

    Original door bushing (dove tail/cups) designed by KenAuto in Japan. This is the thickest possible size and most effective door bushing on the market used by thousands on Japanese Roadsters in the circuit. This piece is a replacement for the stock part that the door sits on when closed. By replacing the brittle stock unit, you’ll notice more steering response and less suspension wiggle. This piece will do a great job of stiffening up your Miata. Installs in minutes and creates a noticeable difference in drivability. Some of the JDM shops such as Joyfast & TUCKIN99 had very high praise for the part and use them on all their race cars now! Learn More

  3. Leg Sport Semi-Rigid Differential Mounts

    Leg Sport Semi-Rigid Differential Mounts

    Hi-Spec series of semi-rigid differential mounts made by Leg Sports for the 2006 to 2015 NC MX-5 Miata. Leg Sport has tested many different hardness to find the best compromise for high performance while not compromising the street driving capability of the car. Learn More

  4. Nielex Front Fender Brace

    Nielex Front Fender Brace

    Made in Japan, the Nielex Front Fender Brace improves the front rigidity of your NC1 & NC2 MX-5 (2006-2012) Roadster. When combined with chassis stiffening and the Nielex Front Strut Bar, your roadster’s body becomes even more rigid and stability is dramatically improved at high speed and when cornering. The best part is the rust-proof kit is 100% bolt-on and easy to install. Learn More

  5. Nielex Front Knuckle Arm Support For Miata MX5 MX-5 ALL YEARS JDM Roadster : REV9 Autosport

    Nielex Front Knuckle Arm Support

    Product made by Nielex. The original front knuckles lack the sufficient hardness of the lengthwise direction in the structure. The drivers feel that the strength of the handling is not good enough especially when they drive in cornering at the high-speed because the deflection of the knuckles is very obvious. Nielex thought up the Front Knuckle Arm Support in order to solve these problems. While we were developing this new product, we were able to get advices from Mr. Oda who used to work for Mazda for a long time and were in charge of the development of chassis and suspension of Mazda's sports cars. Once the driver installs this product, I can say that everybody can feel the wonderful effect. It can be felt even during the low-speed drive. The most impressive effect can be felt when a car runs at over 140km/h, and the driver can feel that the handling gets more stable. NA with ABS : you will need to re-route the cable of the ABS sensor. Learn More

  6. Nielex Front Strut Bar Version 2

    Nielex Front Strut Bar Version 2

    The Nielex Excellent Tower Bar for NC (2006-2015) has been around for a while and they just released their Version-II. Back when they released the Version1, the angles for cutting the mounting points in stainless steel couldn’t be obtained in 3D (too difficult), but now it’s totally possible. The Version2 now has exceptional rigidity and does not have any bending making it extremely rigid. The stainless steel material also gives it a very exotic/luxury look. The 8-point tower bar reinforces 8 different points and improves torsional rigidity vertically and horizontally. Its trapezoidal form also provides maximum support to the sides and prevents twisting and displacement in the engine bay. Lightweight and easy to bolt on, it can be installed in an hour with no drilling required!Please note that fitting this to a NC2 or NC3 will require removal of sound enhancer tube. Learn More

  7. Nielex Magical Cross Bracing (2.0L Chassis)

    Nielex Magical Cross Bracing (2.0L Chassis)

    Nielex made the NC Magical Cross right after testing the 2006 MX-5 at high speed and concluded that it needed improvement for high speed cornering. They did not see NC as evolution from NA and NB and wanted to create the perfect chassis stiffness. As a result, they made a Magical Cross for it and now it’s a very popular product in Japan (most Japanese tuners use this product). It improves steering responsiveness and also helps keep tires to the ground for much more traction during cornering. It also reduces frame twist drastically to have a more stable and neutral car. It basically transforms the car into a real fun go kart that you can enjoy driving in the streets or at the track. It is even more effective when combined with the Pro-Spec Knuckle Arm Support! Learn More

  8. Nielex Rear Bulkhead Brace

    Nielex Rear Bulkhead Brace

    Maneuver with confidence and improve your sportcar’s rigidity with the Nielex Rear Bulkhead Brace exclusively designed for the NC MX-5 (2006-2014) model. Made of SUS304 Stainless Steel, the durable brace is installed between the OEM roll bar and rear bulk head. With no welding required, expect a great improvement in the handling of your vehicle after easy bolt-on installation! Learn More

  9. NoPro Short Stabilizer Links

    NoPro Short Stabilizer Links

    Shortened stabilizer links by NoPro for NC (2006-2015) Mazda Miata/MX-5. When vehicles are lowered the links connecting the sway bars get strained if left stock because of the more aggressive angles that they will be put in. The links are 50mm shorter in the front and 25mm shorter in the rear then stock and are for cars lowered 25mm - 50mm. By shortening the links the sway bar can align correctly with the car body and do it’s job. With the proper links a lowered car with have less roll and more control around corners with a steadier handling. A very necessary mod for any lowered vehicles. Learn More

  10. Odula Rigid Member Collars

    Odula Rigid Member Collars

    Rigid member collar kit made by Odula of Japan. Designed for the NC MX-5 (year 2006 to 2015), these member collars help to fill in tiny spaces between the suspension member and body of the vehicle to increase rigidity. These also increase handling capabilities! Learn More

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