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Interior Garnish

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  1. ATC Steering Wheel Top Mark

    ATC Steering Wheel Top Mark

    Steering Wheel Ring made of Leather or Suede in various colors (gray, yellow, blue or red) to help determine the position of the steering wheel (it’s also called a “12 o’clock mark). It can be used on any type of steering wheel. Learn More

  2. ATC Titanium Steering Wheel Bolts

    ATC Titanium Steering Wheel Bolts

    Competition Steering Wheel Bolts made by ATC for use with aftermarket steering wheels. These will replace your old bolts with top of the line titanium material. It’s available in silver, pink, blue or “aurora” (greenish) finish. Learn More

  3. Autoexe Suede Documents Holder

    Autoexe Suede Documents Holder

    It is called “Car Inspection Case” in Japan. This document holder is made to keep all your favorite shops business cards, insurance documents and maintenance paperwork for your favorite Roadster. It’s fancier than the cheap plastic ones that most dealership give. Learn More

  4. Autowear Seat Covers

    Autowear Seat Covers

    Top quality seat covers made by Autowear for the 2006 to 2015 NC Miata MX-5 to refresh the interior of the vehicle while giving it more class compared to the OEM style. Design using CAD and processed by machine so that uniformity is guaranteed between seats. At resale, car can be put back to stock and seats will look brand new. Learn More

  5. B-Titanium Steering Wheel Bolts For Miata MX5 MX-5 ALL YEARS JDM Roadster : REV9 Autosport

    B-Titanium Steering Wheel Bolts

    Regular Price: $129.99

    Special Price $114.99

    As low as: $102.99
    Product made by B-Titanium for those who want only the best parts in their vehicle. Learn More

  6. Beatrush Floor Panel

    Beatrush Floor Panel

    Heel foot rests made of 2mm thick aluminum sheets to the shape of the NC (2006-2015) MX-5 floor mats. This product is intended for racing and avoiding any movement of the floor mats. IT WILL ONLY FIT RIGHT HAND DRIVE VEHICLES. Learn More

  7. Bride Gradation Floor Mats

    Bride Gradation Floor Mats

    Luxury Gradation “Bride” Logo Floor Mats made for the NC (2006-2015) MX-5 Miata with Right Hand Drive (RHD). They are made of durable rubber to outlast your vehicle and add a nice touch of styling to your floor. Learn More

  8. Carbing Passenger Floor Plate

    Carbing Passenger Floor Plate

    This is for those who race with someone on the passenger seat of your NA, NB or NC MX-5 Miata. This floor plate helps improve grip to the passenger and support him firmly in his seat during cornering and sudden braking. Please note that this is a general purpose item and not Miata-specific, however, it’ll fit nicely in the NA & NB/NC Miata chassis. Learn More

  9. Daikei Gold Steering Wheel Bolts For Miata MX5 MX-5 ALL YEARS JDM Roadster : REV9 Autosport

    Daikei Gold Steering Wheel Bolts

    Product made by Daikei for those who want different looking steering wheel bolts. Please note that they may differ a bit in look due to the stamping process (manufacturing). Learn More

  10. Daikei Polished Boss Cover

    Daikei Polished Boss Cover


    Chrome boss hub kit cover (garnish) that will fit onto Daikei hubs! It will change the look of your cockpit for a more refined/vintage one. It’s very easy to install and quality is top notch.

    Please note that it's only a cover, not a full boss hub kit. Click here for the Daikei Boss Hub Kit.

    Learn More

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