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  1. Autoexe Sports Clutch Line

    Autoexe Sports Clutch Line

    Regular Price: $129.99

    Special Price $114.99

    Stainless clutch line kit made by Autoexe for the 2016+ ND Miata. Utilizing the same principle as stainless brake lines, these will perform better than the OEM rubber lines, especially under spirited driving. By using stainless lines with teflon tubing, your Miata will have a less spongy clutch pedal. Learn More

  2. JoyFast Clutch Stopper

    JoyFast Clutch Stopper

    Original clutch pedal stopper from Joyfast for manual transmission 2016+ ND MX-5. This adapter is designed to shorten the stroke of the clutch pedal and enable quicker shifts. Normally there is a great deal of space below the engagement point and this stopper will allow you to bypass that and more efficiently use your clutch. Since the engagement point is fairly high up and close to the driver, those at Joyfast felt that having the copious amount of dead space below it was unnecessary. Learn More

  3. Odula Reinforced Transmission Bolts

    Odula Reinforced Transmission Bolts

    Reinforced transmission bolts made by Odula for the 2016+ ND MX-5. By upgrading these transmission bolts, it improves rigidity and supresses twisting from OEM bolts. The shifting feeling is improved and it prevents transmission from damages. Learn More

  4. Odula Transmission Strengthening Kit

    Odula Transmission Strengthening Kit

    Reinforced Transmission Gears made by Odula for the 2016+ ND MX5. It includes the counter shaft, 2nd, 3rd and 4th gear. This upgraded transmission internals was tested during endurance racing by Odula and was proven to last much longer than the OEM one. It’s made using the same manufacturing technique and precision as OEM, but uses different material (Chromoly steel). It keeps the same gear ratio and uses OEM synchro. Learn More

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4 Item(s)