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  1. Nielex Pro-Spec Bushings

    Nielex Pro-Spec Bushings

    This is the Nielex bushing kit for NA and NB Miatas (1989-2005). A great complement to a high-grip tire and adjustable suspension setup, these bushings are 7 to 15 times harder than the stock bushings and will help your car achieve superb linear handling. This kit includes bushings for the rear lower arm, upper arm and rear toe control arm. Learn More

  2. Ken Auto Door Bushings (Cups)

    Ken Auto Door Bushings (Cups)

    Original door bushing (dove tail/cups) designed by KenAuto in Japan. This is the thickest possible size and most effective door bushing on the market used by thousands on Japanese Roadsters in the circuit. This piece is a replacement for the stock part that the door sits on when closed. By replacing the brittle stock unit, you’ll notice more steering response and less suspension wiggle. This piece will do a great job of stiffening up your Miata. Installs in minutes and creates a noticeable difference in drivability. Some of the JDM shops such as Joyfast & TUCKIN99 had very high praise for the part and use them on all their race cars now! Learn More

  3. JoyFast Adjustable Sway Bar Links

    JoyFast Adjustable Sway Bar Links

    Sway Bar Links made by JoyFast for the NB (1998-2005) MX-5 Miata. These sway bar links are to be used on lowered vehicles to bring back the stabilizer (sway bars) at the correct angle. Learn More

  4. Autoexe Adjustable Stabilizer Links

    Autoexe Adjustable Stabilizer Links

    Regular Price: $249.99

    Special Price $229.99

    Front sway bar links set made by Autoexe of Japan for 1998-2005 NB MX-5 Miata. A perfect addition to lowered Miatas, this will allow you to correct the angle of the sway bars on the end links and reduce stress on the suspension. Learn More

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4 Item(s)