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Floor Mats

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  1. Zeromotive Rubber Floor Mats

    Zeromotive Rubber Floor Mats

    All Weather Floor Mats made by Zeromotive for the NA & NB (1989-2005) MX-5 Miata. These floor mats are made to be easy to clean (can be easily washed with water) and have a nice look with their coloured border. Please note that fitting in left hand drive vehicles is NOT perfect but very close to original. Learn More

  2. Zeromotive Checkered Floor Mats (Small Pattern) For Miata MX5 MX-5 1989-2005 JDM Roadster : REV9 Autosport

    Zeromotive Checkered Floor Mats (Small Pattern)

    Product made by Zeromotive. Cover your stock dirty/ripped/worn carpet with these awesome looking floor mats. Please note that fitting in left hand drive vehicles is NOT perfect but very close to original. Learn More

  3. TUCKIN99 Floor Mats

    TUCKIN99 Floor Mats

    High quality floor mats by TUCKIN 99 in Japan made specifically for NA Mazda Miata (89-97) and NB Mazda Miata (98-05). These floor mats were designed to stay in place during hard driving to give a more planted feel. OEM mats tend to slide around a lot and universal rubber mats don’t fit correctly and can bubble up in areas. The TUCKIN99 Heel Toe Mats have a custom rubber lining underneath combined with rubber spikes to evenly distribute the grip around the mats. They are lightweight at around 750g combined and durable as well. TUCKIN99 has added a foot plate on the heel area where mats see a lot of wear for extra longevity. This also adds another unique factor to your car and gives it a sporty look. Buying low quality mats means an uncomfortable ride and keeping the old worn out mats that come when buying a used car can really lower how the interior looks. These mats are the perfect replacement, not just for appearance but also for performance. Please note that bigger pictures show the product darker than real life. Learn More

  4. Carbing Passenger Floor Plate

    Carbing Passenger Floor Plate

    This is for those who race with someone on the passenger seat of your NA, NB or NC MX-5 Miata. This floor plate helps improve grip to the passenger and support him firmly in his seat during cornering and sudden braking. Please note that this is a general purpose item and not Miata-specific, however, it’ll fit nicely in the NA & NB/NC Miata chassis. Learn More

  5. Carbing Heel Adjust Plate

    Carbing Heel Adjust Plate

    The heel adjust plate is made for those who removed the carpet of their NA (1989-1997) or NB (1998-2005) and want a perfectly flat surface for the floor. It’ll help operate with a more precise pedal feel. Learn More

  6. Beatrush Aluminum Floor Panel

    Beatrush Aluminum Floor Panel

    Foot rest made by Beatrush from 2mm thick aluminum sheets made for the NA (1989-1997) or NB (1998-2005) MX-5 Miata. It is designed for right hand drive vehicles ONLY. It’s a great product for those doing racing as it’s non-slippery, super solid and easy to clean. Learn More

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6 Item(s)