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  1. Autoexe Spark Plug Wires

    Autoexe Spark Plug Wires

    Regular Price: $274.99

    Special Price $224.99

    As low as: $124.99
    The Autoexe Sport Plug Cords (Red) are a nice esthetic and functional improvement for the NA (1989-1997) & NB (1998-2005) MX-5 Miata’s engine. They are made to strengthen ignition power by using low resistance triple structure cord wires. This is pretty much the highest quality spark plug wires available on the market and they are aimed at not only looking awesome, but also reducing electrical noise and as a matter of fact, they enhance spark plug power by about 20-30 times more than factory ones. Please note that NB2 version only contains 2 wires. Learn More

  2. TM Works Direct Ignition Kit

    TM Works Direct Ignition Kit

    Regular Price: $1,399.99

    Special Price $999.99

    Direction ignition conversion for the NA and NB Mazda MX-5 Miata (1989-2005) from TM Works. The TM Works Direct Ignition Kit converts the first and second generation Miata from plug wires to coil packs without bulky wiring or changing the engine computer. The Direct Ignition Kit from TM Works is compatible with the 1.6 engine in both the NA and NB Miata, and the 1.8 engine in the NA chassis. The ignition kit includes all the necessary ignition coils, wiring, bracket, and installation manual to make for a quick assembly. Changing to the direct ignition creates a stronger, consistent spark improving longevity and performance. Learn More

  3. TUCKIN99 Direct Ignition Kit

    TUCKIN99 Direct Ignition Kit

    Kit that refreshes the ignition system of the 1.8L NA (1994-1997) or NB (1998-2005) MX-5 Miata. The wiring system from the 1990’s has poor performance and gets degraded over years. This kit is an ignition tuning kit that installs by wiring directly all the way to the ECU coupler. Learn More

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3 Item(s)