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KUHL Racing ND MX-5 Shop Car at TAS2016

KUHL Racing may sound new to many Roadster enthusiasts, but the company has been around for a while. They won Tokyo Auto Salon 2014’s best car of the show with their awesome hand-painted/engraved Nissan R35 GT-R. Now, they came back with a pretty aggressive Miata body kit! I have to apologise for the dark pictures, but the car was under a big neon spot, there was a huge crowd and taking good pictures was next to impossible.


The car has a nice ND Front Bumper that is made out of Carbon Fiber and FRP (integrated Front Diffuser). It sure is a huge change to the OEM Front Bumper we usually see!

blog2 blog3

They also released some ND Side Skirts, that are a mix of FRP and Carbon Fiber. It also follows the lines from the Front Diffuser and looks pretty aggressive.



blog4 blog5

The rear of the vehicle was also modified! They released a Miata version of their Swan Neck GT Wing as well as a ND Rear Diffuser and ND Dual-Tip Middle Exhaust System that is made out of titanium and sound awesome!

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The interior changes were very subtle but also very nice. They put Bride (Edirb ; Luxury division) Leather Seats as well as their original ND Checkered Floor Mats. They told us that they would be willing to make a Left Hand Drive version of these floor mats!

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One thing that not many noticed, but that I did see instantly was the ND Custom Headlights. They were SO nice looking and unique, it was art. Unfortunately, they are 100% custom and cost around USD$2000 + OEM Headlights to do… not everyone will be willing to do it.

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Hope you enjoyed this little showcase of the KUHL Racing ND Shop Car at Tokyo Auto Salon! If you are interested in any of the parts shown, please don’t hesitate to contact us at !